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What is Temple Run?

Temple Run is a game to be played online. Which you can easily play in any of your android phone. Temple run is developed and published by Imangi Studios. And it’s a 3D endless running video game.

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When And How Did Semple Run start?

Temple Run game debuted on August 4, 2011, but the game was initially released for iOS devices, and was later ported to the Android system and Windows Phone 8. The player controls an explorer who has found an ancient relic and chases him away from a monstrous monkey or other ferocious and scary creatures.

Temple Run Game Became More Famous In Less Time.

People are liking playing Temple Run so much that this game has become very famous in a few years. This game played online affects people so much that not only children but also adults are busy playing this game for a long time. The special thing about Temple Run game is that this game has been made in such a way that the attention of children and adults can easily be attracted towards this game. This is a game that is very enjoyable to play as well as to watch.

New World Record For Video Gaming – Temple Run

Friends, people who are fond of mobile gaming will be well aware that Temple Run is a very famous video game, which people like to play online very much. Friends, let us tell you that Temple Run has become such a popular game that now it has made a record of its own. You will be surprised to hear, but a surprising thing about Temple Run is that so far more than one billion people have downloaded the Temple Run game on their computer, iPhone, mobile phone etc.

Temple Run became the second most downloaded game in the world. After all, who made such a popular game?
Friends, Temple Run game was made by Imangi Studio, and at the same time let us also tell you that apart from the original series, there is also a sequel to Temple Run 2.
But friends, one surprising thing about Temple Run is that it comes in second place in the games played online. This means that Temple Run ranks second among the games downloaded online in the world. Only from this you can guess how much this game is liked by the people. In a survey, it has been found that apart from Temple Run, only one game has got more downloads in the world and that is Angry Birds. It has also been downloaded by more than a billion people.

Temple Run Made Its Own Record In India As Well As In China And America

Friends, Temple Run has become a game that is played all over the world. People like to play this game more. And people have been downloading Temple Run fast. According to statistics, 60 percent of the total number of temple run players in India are women. Friends, the word of this game is highest in China. Yes friends, Temple Run is played the most in China out of all the countries of the world. And at the same time, let us also tell you that Temple Run accounts for 36 percent of the total downloads of games in China. Now if we talk about America, then America is the next place after China. A total of 21 percent of the people in America not only download this game but also play it. But if we talk about India, then only 4 percent of it has been downloaded here.

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Friends, let us also tell you one important thing about Temple Run that even after being so popular all over the world, you can easily download it from the play store of any of your Android phones and you can download this game by playing this game. Chance to get lots of entertainment. This is a very simple and interesting game that you will enjoy playing.

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