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Sudoku Puzzle Online Game : Hello friends, welcome to our website Friends, today we will talk to you about a game played both online and offline. And this game is a very mind-playing game. If we call the person solving the puzzle of this game a genius, then there will be no exaggeration in it.

The game about which we are asking you so much is the name of that game is Sudoku. So if you also want to know all the things related to Sudoku, then read our today’s article from beginning to end, where you will do some special conversations related to this game with you.

What Is Sudoku Puzzle Game ?

Sudoku is a game. Which was earlier played offline but now it is also possible to play online. This is a type of puzzle solving game. This is a game played with numbers. This game is a different type of game from the rest of the game. In this game you need to put more of your mind. And another special thing about this game is that no one can play this game easily. To play it, it is necessary to understand it first. In this game you have to use your brain and fill the numbers in the empty box. And it is believed that the brain of a person who plays Sudoku game daily keeps on developing more rapidly.

Sudoku Master Online Gam

How To Play Sudoku?

Friends, it often happens with us that we keep thinking of doing something different to eliminate boredom from our free time. We keep trying to keep ourselves busy in good and other works. But today’s new generation likes to play games to entertain themselves in their spare time. In such a situation, we need to learn and play such games from which we can learn something.

Talking about such games, Sudoku is the best option. It is also a little different from other games. And by playing it continuously, your mind also becomes more sharp. Sudoku is a game of manipulating numbers. In this, you are given 9 boxes and in each box of those 9 boxes, numbers from one to nine have to be written. Some numbers are already given to us in each box.

And some numbers we have to fill using our brain. But the condition of this game is that the same number should not be written again in the box nor that number has come again in that line. Only numbers from one to nine can be used. If you rewrite a number then it means that you are making a mistake in the game and then you will not be able to solve that puzzle and your game will be completely spoiled. Therefore, play this game with patience and with your mind.

Sudoku Game Terms.

Friends, to play this great game, you also have to follow some conditions. Following are the conditions related to this game:-
1. We have given a little description of the first condition of this game in the above. The first condition for playing this game is that no number written by you should appear again in any line.
2. There are 9 boxes in this game in which numbers from one to nine have to be written but the condition is that that number is not repeating in any line.
3. Some numbers are already given to us and some you have to fill. But keeping in mind that the numbers written from one to nine in any line should not be rewritten.
4. If you are playing Sudoku offline, then keep in mind that you should use pencil not pen while playing the game. So that if you make a mistake, you can easily fix it.

Sudoku Also Has A Special Place In Navbharat Times.

Friends Sudoku is a very hard game. Not everyone can play this game easily. You have to use your brain a lot to play this game. A special thing about Sudoku is that until some time ago Sudoku had a special place in the most popular newspaper Navbharat Times. This game used to get a special place in this newspaper daily. This game was given daily in this newspaper for the entertainment of the people. Friends, it is possible to guess from this fact how important this game is and what is its place in the world.

Possible To Play Sudoku Online And Offline

Friends, this game was earlier played offline only. But this game is very important. There are many benefits of playing this game. In which the most important thing is that by playing this game, our brain is used more and it develops more rapidly.

Due to the ever-increasing attraction of youth towards their smartphones, it is now possible to play this game online in any of their smart phones. So now you can increase your mind by playing the right game on your phone in your spare time. Sudoku can be played both online and offline. Just need to understand its terms and conditions, so that you too can play this game easily in your android smartphone.

Easily Available On Your Mobile Play Store

Friends, nowadays, they like to play all the games in their phones. So if you also want to become expert in Sudoku game and want to play this very important game then quickly download this game in your phone and use your brain properly in your spare time too.
But if you want to play this game absolutely free, then there is no need to worry friends, because you can download and play Sudoku in any of your android phone without any charge and that too absolutely free. So don’t waste your time by playing extravagant time wasting games, download this game quickly so that your free time can be used properly in the right place.

Brain Sharper Game

Friends, this game is very difficult and you have to put more of your mind in playing it. By playing this game, your brain is also sharp and at the same time your free time is also used in a good way. You can play this game sitting anywhere at any time


In have given all information to you regarding Sudoku Puzzle online game. I have already discussed important point  about Sudoku Puzzle online game. Like : what is Sudoku puzzle game, how to play Sudoku, Sudoku game terms, Sudoku also has a special place in Navbharat times, possible to play Sudoku online & offline, easily available on your phone play store. I hope this Article will help you guys little more.

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