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Snakes and Ladders Online Game 2021 | Snakes and Ladders Game Mod App

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Snakes and Ladders Online Game : Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our website aaokre.com. Friends, today we will talk to you about a game played both online and offline. Today we are going to talk about snake and ladder game. Which in the beginning was played sitting together at home. But gradually its trend increased and it was also played online in Android smartphones, computers etc. So if you also want to learn how to play such an ancient game, or want to know things related to it, then keep reading our article where you will be given all the information related to this game.

Snakes and Ladders Online Game

What Is Snakes and Ladders Game?

Friends, this game is the favorite game of children. But we also cannot turn away from the fact that people of all classes like to play this game. This game is very famous all over the world. And along with its popularity, it is also known by many other names in many places. This game is known as Shoots and Ladders in the United States. In ancient India it was also known as snake and arrow. It is also worth noting here that with time there have been changes in the rules of this game and the way of playing it. The increasing attraction of people towards this game was the reason that it was also launched for online play. And now it is preferred to play online more than offline

To Provide Basic Education Of Sports.

Snakes and Ladders game is a board game. The oldest and most important thing related to this game is that the people of ancient times used to play this game through education. The people of Jainism gave it the name of Gyan Baji and made it a means of teaching. The purpose of this game was that you think about the result of your daily activities while playing this game.

How To Play Snakes And Ladders Currently?

Friends, in the snake and ladder game, the count from 1 to 100 is written on the board. In the middle of those counts, snakes are made somewhere, and somewhere there are ladders. You are given a dice on which mathematical from one to six is ​​written. You have to roll the dice, the number of counts on that dice, you have to move forward as much as you can. But the unique twist in this game is that if your piece reaches there, then you have to increase your piece till the end of that ladder.

But on the contrary, if your piece reaches the snake, then your piece will be cut off by that snake and your piece will stop at the end of that snake, that is, on its request. In this whole game, the biggest snake is made on 99, due to which bite you will come from top to bottom. As a result of which your position can become a losing game. So this game is as easy as it looks. You can win the game only if you play carefully and wisely, otherwise you may have to face defeat.

Play Offline

Friends, when this game was started, first of all this game was played offline on a thick paper in which the picture of snake and ladder was made, as well as the count from 1 to 100 was written on it.

Used to play it just like you play online on your smartphone now.The trend of this game is as much today as it was before. Even today in many homes this game is played both offline and online.

You can easily play this game with any number of your friends through offline with colorful pieces and fill your free time with entertainment.

Play Online.

Friends, this game was initially played only offline, but the increasing influence of smartphones and the abundance of people of this game made it possible to play this game online as well. In online games, you have many options as compared to offline.

If you are getting bored and there is no person playing this game with you, then you can play this game online with a person from any country.

Also, if you do not like this option, then there is no need to worry.You can play this game online only with the phone by clicking on the computer option. There are many other options in this game, using which you can play this game alone with your online partner.

Background Sound in Online Games

Friends, currently 80% of the people play this game online. And if you are also playing this game online, then we must tell you one thing that when you click on this game to play this game.

The game sound starts automatically from the background of the game.On every action of yours, its own different sound comes from the background according to your action.

For example, a different sound on snake bite, different sound when climbing stairs, different sound when it moves, and different sound etc. There is also the presence of sound along with the data of the game from beginning to end.

You Can Remove Background Sound As Desired

Friends, sometimes the situation becomes such when you want to play any game in peace. In such a situation, you do not need the catchy sound of the game.

Another option you have in the Snakes and Ladders online game for similar situations is that you can remove the sound of the game as per your wish.

All you have to do is click on the app of the game and as soon as the game opens, you will see the icon of sound, you have to turn off the sound by clicking on it. And the sound will remain off until you turn it on again.

Available On Play Store

Friends, earlier this game was played offline by sitting together. But now it is easily possible to play online anywhere on your smartphone. You can easily download and play this game for free from any of your Android phone’s play store. But one thing must be remembered, this game is as easy to see as it is difficult to play. So must play carefully and wisely.

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