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Snake Master Online Game : Hello friends, how are you all, once again welcome to our website The game that we are going to tell about today is such a fun game that you can easily play both your keypad and Android phone.
The topic of today’s article is Snake Master game. Which has been played for a long time. Until a few years ago, when it was not possible for everyone to get a smartphone, even then this game was played in the keypad phone. If you also want to be aware of other things related to Snake Master game, then read this article till the end of today where we will talk about some special things related to snake master.

What Is Snake Master?

Snake Master is a kind of game. Which most people like to play in their free time. This is a game that is possible to play on Android phones as well as on keypad phones.
This game has been played since many years. This is a very entertaining game. In this game you get a snake which you have to make fruit blossom. The size of this snake will increase as you feed it fruits. You will get its detailed description in the next article.

Snake Master Online Game

How To Play Snake Master?

Snake Master game is very easy to play. Elderly people can also play it easily. Snake Master game, you have to feed the snake to the fruit, the more fruits you feed, the more points you will get. In between those small fruits, a big fruit keeps coming from time to time, by feeding which you get more points together. In the game, if a snake goes out of the screen, it does not mean that you have lost. As soon as one snake is out of the screen, another snake will come on the screen from the opposite direction of the same size and shape as the previous snake. In this game you are out only when your snake will collide with your own body.

The Snake Has To Be Fed Fruit In The Game.

In this game, you are first given a very small size snake on the screen, which you have to feed the fruit. As you keep feeding fruits to that snake, its shape will change. He will go on getting longer. The whole game revolves around snakes and fruits. Your only goal in the game is to feed snakes with fruits.

Game Score Depends On Feeding Fruits

In this, you will keep getting points for feeding the small snakes given on the screen. As soon as you feed a fruit snake, your game score increases. For feeding a small fruit you get 5 points. In this way, as soon as you feed fruit to snake, your fruit numbers are added to your score.

Available In Two Sizes Of Fruits

There are two sizes of fruit available in this game. First small and second big. First you are given small fruits on your screen and after that as soon as 4 or 5 (number of fruits depends on the version of the game) small fruits you feed to your snake, the size of the next fruit gets bigger and comes in front of you. That is, the next fruit is the big fruit. If you feed the big fruit, you get more points than the small fruit. But it has the restriction of time limit. On feeding small fruit a big size fruit pops up on the screen, for which you get few seconds to feed the snake, the sooner you feed that big fruit to the snake the more points you will get together.

Game Twist – Only One Fruit On The Screen At A Time

Friends, whatever information we have given to you in this article so far, you must have found this game very simple and straightforward. But there is a very big thing in this game, which we have not described yet, that is that in this you will get only one fruit on the screen at a time to feed the snake. You will not see another fruit on the screen until you feed the fruit on the screen to the snake. And the more important thing is that the fruits that will be given to you one by one are not given on the same line. To put you in a dilemma, every single fruit starts appearing here and there.

Along With The Numbers, The Size Of The Snake Also Increases.

Friends, this game is very interesting and fun, in which every thing has a different specialty in itself. A feature of this game is that as the snake eats the fruit, the size of the snake also increases along with the game score. Your snake becomes very big when it eats fruits. And as your snake gets bigger, your risk of getting out also increases because then if the snake accidentally collides with its tail, then you are out.


Some Important Point Related To Game:-

1. As soon as one snake is out, the other snake will keep coming out of its opposite direction. As the first snake goes out of the screen, similarly the second snake will keep coming on the screen, of exactly the same size.
2. You can let any number of snakes out of the screen as per your wish, keeping in mind the conditions of the game. This will not affect the marks you get.
3. You will only lose in one situation, when your snake collides with its own body or with another snake passing in and out of the screen.
4. Whatever score you have scored when you are out, it will be written on your screen.

Keypad, Possible To Play In Android Phone.

Friends, this game is a lovely game for many years. This game has been played ever since the invention of the keypad mobile. This game was available in every keypad phone to make people’s free time fun. From children to elders of the house used to play this game through entertaining some part of their day. People liked this game so much that when most people got their Android smartphone, Snake Master game became easily available in that too. This game is played equally in both the keypad and Android phones.

Easily Available On Play Store

If you have a keypad phone, then you will already get the Snake Master game present in it. All you have to do is go to the games option on your phone and play that game. But if you have Android smartphone then you have to download snake master game from play store. Downloading this game is absolutely free. You can download and play this game for free.


In have given all information to you regarding Snake Master online game. I have already discussed important point  about Snake Master online game. Like : what is Snake Master, how to play Snake Master, the snake has to be fed fruit in the game, game score depends on feeding fruits, available in two sizes of fruits, game twist-only one fruit on the screen at a time, along with the numbers, the size of the snake also increase, some important points related to game, keypad, possible to play android phone, easily available on play store. I hope this Article will help you guys little more.

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