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PUBG: New State Game 2021 : Hello friends how are you all? Praying for your healthy life, I once again welcome you all to your website Friends, today I am going to tell you everything about the scheme, I have been launched just a few days ago. Yes friends, today I want to tell you all about PUBG: New State game. In this article, we will tell you all the things related to PUBG: New State game, how this game is played, when this game was launched, for which countries the game was launched and other game related issues. So if you also want to know all the things related to this latest game, then read this article of ours from beginning to end.

PUBG : New State Game

How To Play PUBG: New State game 2021.

Friends, this game is also played exactly like BGMI or other free fire game. This is a multiplayer mod game. This game is completely based on Vulkan API. It is based on the universe of PUBG Mobile.

The story of the game revolves around a fictional city named Troi, where society has been divided into two parts after a terrible tragedy. Troi Town will be the primary map of this game and three more maps will be added to it.

This game offers open-world battlegrounds. In the game, players fight in the universe set in 2021. Along with this, new vehicles and consumables will also be available in it which will deliver fresh experience.

In the game, you will get the next generation battle royale experience, where 100 players will fight with different weapons and strategies.

In the game, all the players land on a map simultaneously. The player who remains till the end of the game i.e. who is able to survive till the end of the game is called winner.

After jumping to a location in PUBG: New State game, some weapons are needed to fight, with the help of which you can fight the enemy. Along with this, other items like energy drink, clothes, vehicles, bags, first aid are also provided to you in the game. All these items are made available to the players, which also come in the use of the players.

That you can easily play in Solo, Duo, Squad. Solo means alone, Duo means with 2 people, Squad means team of 3 people without auto matching on you can play this game. Also, while playing the game, you will also get to see many other new features in this game.

For Which Countries Has PUBG: New State Game 2021 Been Launched?

Friends, let us tell you that PUBG: New State has been launched in more than 200 countries including India. It has not even been a long time since this game was launched, yet millions of people have downloaded this game so far. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the launch of this game and now that this game has been launched, people are playing this game in huge numbers. Free fire games lover and PUBG lovers are very happy with the launch of this game.

When Was Launched PUBG: New State Game 2021

Friends, tell that PUBG: New State Game has just been launched recently. This game is not old at all, but this game is absolutely latest. It was announced to launch this game on 21 February 2021, this game was announced as the latest title in the new battle royale game, PUBG franchise.

Finally the wait of millions of people is over and just 3 days before today, this game was launched on 11 November 2021. Due to some technical issues, the launch of the game was delayed by 2 hours.

It has been only 3 days since the launch of this game, yet people have downloaded this game in Millions. And currently it also has millions of active users.

People are liking this game very much. And because of this other people are also getting attracted to play this game. For the fans of PUBG, this game is no less than a wonderful boon. So if you are also a PUBG fan then quickly play an entertaining PUBG: New State game.

Game Platforms

Friends, very happy to know that you cannot play PUBG: New State game in your Android phone like other free fire games, there is no such restriction. You can easily play this game in any of your android phone. PUBG: New State has been officially launched to play on Android, iOS and iPadOS devices. In many free fire games there is a restriction that you cannot play it on your android phone. Free fire game can be played only in some special PC systems. But beyond all this, you can play PUBG: New State game very easily in any of your Android phones.

Who Is The Publisher Of PUBG: New State Game 2021?

Friends, it seems to me that all of you would also like to know who is the publisher of this entertaining game. So friends, let us tell that this game has been published by Krafton. This game has been published by Krafton for the users.

What Is The Name Of The Company That Developed PUBG: New State Game 2021?

Friends, if this game has been published by Krafton, then all of you would like to know who developed this game. So friends, let us tell you all that PUBG: New State has been developed by PUBG Studios. PUBG Studios also developed the BGMI game and PUBG: New State Game has also been developed by PUBG Studios itself.

Planning To Introduce PUBG: New State Game 2021 In 17 Other Languages

The demand for  PUBG: New State Game is increasing in large numbers. Even before the launch of the game, the company had anticipated that the demand for this game would increase significantly. The game has already been launched for 200 countries. Keeping this in mind, the company has already planned to introduce this game in 17 languages. After some time PUBG: New State Game will also be introduced in 17 other languages.

PUBG: New State Game 2021 App .

Friends, if you also want to play this great game, then don’t delay any longer and start playing this latest game quickly. Here we are providing you the link of the app of this game below from where you can easily download the app of this game. And you can easily play it in your android phone.
Click Here :  Game app.


Friends, in today’s article, we talked to you a lot related to PUBG: New State Game. You were also made aware of many important information related to PUBG: New State Game, such as how to play, what is the game mod, what are the game platforms, the link of the game game app as well as for which countries this game is available. was done. We hope that you have liked this article and this information will prove beneficial for you.

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