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Omicron Variant Cases In India | Covid Third Wave In India

Covid Third Wave In India : Hello friends, today I am going to tell you all about Omicron Variant Cases In India. Where is the third wave of Covid going? Friends, Omicron Variant Cases are increasing continuously in the country.

In such a situation, the big question in front of the people is whether now people will have to face the situation of lockdown once again. Answering all these questions is the important objective of my today’s article. If you also want to know every case related to Omicron Variant Cases, then definitely read this article of ours.


What Is Omicron Variant?

Omicron Variant is a virus that is believed to have come to India from Africa. It is being said that this is the third wave of Covid which has come in front of us this time under the name of Omicron Variant. Once again, not only in India but in the whole world, there is an atmosphere of turmoil everywhere.

Now this big question is being born among the people whether we will have to go through the situation of lockdown once again. Will once again many people come under the grip of this Omicron Variant and get away from their loved ones forever.

At present, this question is intimidating people by making homes in everyone’s mind. What will happen next, how the people of the country will fight Omicron, no one has the answer to this yet.

When And Where Did The Omicron Variant First Appear?

This dangerous virus first came to Africa on 24 November. A person from Africa was suffering from this epidemic and went to the hospital for his treatment. Investigation revealed that he has Covid.

But according to the doctors, it is some other form of Covid. To clear your doubts, its sample was sent to for further investigation. Two days later, WHO declared Omicron as a variant of concern.

Due to this new variant, corona cases increased by 300 percent only in Africa. The matter does not end only with this, in a few days, Omicron Variant Cases exceeded 30 lakhs and the condition is as before. Now people are not even getting a place to set foot in the hospital.

Omicron Variant From Africa

Sources have revealed that Omicron has come to India from Africa. People who returned from African countries have come out infected with this virus.


An order has been issued by the government that the people who have returned from Africa will be kept in quarantine for the first 14 days, only then they can come among the people of India. Due to which this virus does not spread further in India from the people coming from Africa.

People have also been made aware by the government to protect themselves. The Chief Bodyguard of the President of India has also come under the grip of this virus.

Omicron Variant Cases In India

What I was afraid of finally happened. The third wave of Covid has stood in front of all of us with outstretched arms. This new variant is spreading rapidly in the country and people are getting affected by Omicron Variant.

Omicron Variant Cases

With the arrival of Omicron Variant in India, the situation has become such that now only Omicron Variant Cases are increasing day by day. People are afraid of this new virus. A total of 21 cases of Omicron have been registered in the last few days.

Along with Delhi, people of Rajasthan and Maharashtra have also come in the grip of this epidemic. When the affected people were checked up by the doctor, it was found that all this new virus is suffering from Omicron Variant.

Mask And Social Distancing Are The Only Means Of Survival

To protect against the third variant of Covid, now the only recourse is that people follow the rules of wearing masks and social distancing strictly. Just as the rescue of Covid – 19 and the third wave of Covid became possible only because of these rules.


In the same way, we can protect ourselves from this dreaded virus only by following the rules by doing masks and social distancing to protect against Omicron.

Where In The World Did Omicron Reach?

The new variant of Covid Omicron is spreading very fast. Omicron Variant Cases are increasing in the world. So far this third wave of Corona has introduced itself in more than 39 countries.

These include India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mexico, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mozambique, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Reunion Islands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates (UAE), UK and America are also including.

Many other countries are also including . People are increasingly falling prey to this variant.

What Steps Did The Central Government Take After Coming To The Country After Omicron?

According to the government, Britain, South Africa, Brazil, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Israel have been included in the list of ‘countries at risk’. The government made some new rules, according to which RT-PCR test is necessary for travelers coming from ‘at risk countries’. They are not allowed to leave the airport until their test report comes.


Friends, I believe that the protection against Omicron Variant is in your own hands. Follow the rules made by the government so that you do not fall prey to this virus. We have told you how fast the Omicron variant cases are increasing, now it is in your hands whether you protect yourself from this virus or let it dominate you.


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