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Realm Royale Online Game : Hello friends, how are you all? Hope you guys are healthy and happy. So today I welcome you all once again on my website Friends, today I am going to tell you about a game which is played like PUBG. Friends, I am going to give you all a lot of information about Realm Royale online game in this article. So if you also want to know many things related to Realm Royale game then stay with us in today’s article from beginning to end.

What Is Realm Royale?

Realm Royale is an online game. This is a type of game played online. The Realm Royale is actually a third person battle royale. It can also be said that Realm Royale is a game played like a free fire and another important fact is that this game is played like PUBG. Or as a result of PUBG being banned in India, many Indians like to play Realm Royale very much like PUBG. There are many colorful characters in Realm Royale online game and because of these, this game will definitely give you the feel of Free Fire.

Realm Royale Game

How To Play Realm Royale Online Game?

Friends, this game is also played like other battle royale style games. In this game, a total of 90 players take off from the sky with the help of airship. In this game you have to find a safe place where you can escape from enemies. You must collect equipment like weapons along the way to kill your enemies. And with this one should aim to keep fighting as a player till the end. Maps are also provided in the game, which helps you a lot in playing the game.

When Was The Realm Royale Game Launched?

Friends, this great game was made available for puzzle bar users on June 5, 2018. Within a few months, this game became very popular all over the world. Users like to play this game very much. If we talk about the present, then at the present time there are users in the millions of this game. And not only this, the number of active users is also in millions. Millions people like to play this game very much every day. This is a type of free fire game that’s why many fan users of free fire games like to play Realm Royale online game more.

Who Is The Developer Of Realm Royale?

The idea of ​​developing the Realm Royale online game was from Heroic Leap Games. This game has been made by Heroic Leap itself i.e. developed in 2018. There are millions of fans of this game today, whose full credit goes to the developer of this game, Heroic Leap.

Who Is The Publisher

Friends, the developer of this game is Heroic Leap, but the big question arises who is the publisher of this game. So friends, let us tell you that this game has been published by Hi-Rez Studios. Users are playing this game immediately after the publication of this game and have been enjoying playing till now.

Realm Royale Worldwide Lyrics

Friends, you will be surprised to hear that after this game became available for users, more than 100,000 users played Realm Royale online game in the first week itself. As a result, it became the fourth most played and downloaded game in the world. The game achieved, among other things, live streams on sites like Twitch. This game kept its pace even further, in just 3 weeks, 3 million users of this game were made. And further in July 2018, it was played by more than 4 million people. The game became the 4th most downloaded free-to-play game in the USA and in 2019 it took the 5th place in Europe. As a result of the game’s popularity, as of July 2019, Realm Royale has reached 10 million players, announced by Hi-Rez Studios.

Game Platforms

Friends, this game has some limited platforms like Mac, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One etc. Friends, the important thing to note here is that you cannot play this game in any of your Android phones. It is not possible to play this game in iPhone also. If you want to play this game then you can play this game only on your Mac, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

Game Mode

Friends, this is a multiplayer game mod game. In this game you can use audio video simultaneously. With the help of audio and video, you can play this game very easily. Due to the multiplayer game mod, this game attracts a lot of people. People are more attracted towards Realm Royale with the graphics of this game.

Realm Royale What Genre Game

Realm Royale online game has a limited genre like Action, Shooting and Simulation
Battle royale, third-person shooter. Users are very happy playing this game and this game is played by more and more people.

Not Available On Play Store

Friends, as we have told above that you cannot play this game in your Android phone. Even you cannot play it in expensive phone like iPhone. This game cannot be played in the phone, as a result this game is not available to you on any phone’s play store.

Realm Royale Free Game App 👇

Friends, it is impossible to play this game by downloading it from the play store because it is not a game played in Android phone. But you do not need to worry because you can easily play this game on Mac, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. I am giving the free download link of this game below, with the help of which you can easily play this game for free of cost. This game has been made available absolutely free for the users.

 Click Here : Realm Royale Game App


Friends, today we have tried to reach you very important information about Realm Royale online game in this article. We have had a special conversation on many issues related to this game like how to play Realm Royale game, when it was launched, who were the developer and publisher of this game, which game mod has been used, when are its users, game platform What is it, in which style the game was kept etc. And also the link to download the game directly has also been made available for all of you. Maybe this information will prove useful to you.

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