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Catapult Quest Online Game : Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our website Friends, today we are going to tell you about a game which is also funny and your shooting hobby will also be fulfilled in it. Friends, today we are going to give you all the information related to Catapult Quest online game in this article. So if you also want to know a lot of information related to Catapult Quest game then read  this article today.

How Is The Game Catapult Quest Online Game?

Guys Catapult Quest is a shooting free fire game. This is a single player game. You do not need any partner to play it. In this game you will see various buildings. In which monkeys and bananas will be seen together. All you have to do is shoot the monkeys without stopping and collect as many fruits as possible from them. You are provided with monkeys to target in the game. This is a very simple Catapult Quest online game.

Catapult Quest Online Game

How To Play Catapult Quest Online Game?

Friends, if we talk about the gameplay of Catapult Quest, then its gameplay is very simple. All you have to do while playing this game is to aim by swiping your finger on the screen of your Android phone. To hit a monkey on each target during your aim, you have to aim by swiping your finger from right to left two or three times, so that your aim will be faster. In this way the monkeys will die soon. The longer you swipe, the faster you will hit your target.

Attractive 3D Design Using Graphic

Friends Catapult Quest game has been designed in a very attractive way. The graphics of this game have been made using 3D. Catapult Quest has a selection of colorful, and very high quality character designs. People are very much attracted by its 3D design graphic. And especially if we talk about children, then children become fans of this game as soon as they see this game. And why children are also big fans of this game. This game is more known for its beautiful graphics.

What Is The Catapult Quest Game Release Date?

Friends, maybe you guys also want to know what is the release date of such a great game. So let me tell you that this game is not very old, this game has been released this year only on Feb 4th, 2021. The children and youth were the most happy about the release of this game. In fact, this game has been developed keeping in mind the children and youth. This game is definitely new but there are many fans of this game.

10M+ People Have Played Catapult Quest.

Friends, as I said in the above that this game may be brand new but there are big fans of this game. This game has been downloaded and played by more than 10 million people so far. The active users of this game are also in the millions. The demand for this game is increasing day by day. Therefore, the number of users of this game is also increasing very fast.

Who Is The Publisher Of Catapult Quest?

Friends, as we mentioned above, this game was released on 4 February 2021 this year. This along with this, let us also inform you that who published this game after all. Friends, this game was published by Mobirix. For the first time, this game was made available to the users only on 4 February. Users are very happy about this game. He is also liking this latest game very much.

Also Option To Make Catapult Quest Game More Simple.

Friends, this game is very simple. But despite this, if you are finding this game even a bit difficult, then do not worry, you have the option to make this game even easier. You can choose the difficulty of the game as well as some other options which make things easier. You also have another option that when you reach a certain score while playing the game, then you get some keys in the game. With which you can win this game very easily by making it simple.

There Is No Age Restriction To Play Catapult Quest Online Game.

You do not need to be bound by any age restrictions to play Catapult Quest online game. This game can be played easily by any person of any age. This game is easily available even for kids. The way this day should be designed is that this game is liked by children as well as adults. Small cartoons have been used in the game, which can easily win the mind of children. And at the same time, this game is of shooting, so big people get attracted very quickly from it.

Catapult Quest Online Game Available To Play Absolutely Free.

Friends, to play many fun games, you have to pay a fixed fee for the game. But this is not the case in this game at all. This game is very fun. You do not need to pay any fee to play it. The game was made available absolutely free for the users. You can easily download this game from Play Store and play it absolutely free on any of your Android phone. You will get a full store of entertainment in this game without spending a single penny.

Catapult Quest Online Game Available In More Than 43 Languages.

Friends, you will be very happy to hear that this great game is available to you in English as well as more than 43 other languages. This means that you live in any corner of the country, but this game is available in your regional language. So without worrying about the language, you can easily download and play this game and enjoy this game to the fullest.

Along With Shooting, There Is Also A Catapult Quest Puzzle Game.

Friends, it is clear like a mirror that Catapult Quest is a shooting game. In which you have to aim and get it. But let us also tell you that it is a puzzle game along with shooting. You are given a building in the game. Between which bananas are kept in the middle. You have to get their people with the help of monkeys. The building in the game looks like a puzzle. While solving which you have to aim. Thus this game is a shooting game as well as a puzzle game.

Many Other Old Versions Of Catapult Quest Also Available On Play Store.

We has told you that this game is brand new. But let us also tell you that many older versions of this game are also available on the Play Store. Every version of the game is different from the other. The common thing in all versions of the game is that you will get a full store of entertainment in all versions. No deduction has been made in terms of entertainment in any version. As new versions of the game come in, they have brought with them more entertainment than their previous versions.

Catapult Quest Game App.

Friends, if you want to play this very interesting game. Today, if you are not getting it on the Play Store of your Android phone for any reason, then there is no need to worry. We are providing you the link of this game app in our article. From here you can easily find the app of this game.
Click Here : Catapult Quest Game App .


Friends, in today’s article we discussed about Catapult Quest game. If you have any doubt on any topic related to this game, then you can ask us your happiness directly by commenting on this post. We have tried our best to give you maximum information related to Catapult Quest game in this post. Hope this information will prove useful and beneficial for you.

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