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Ludo King Online  Game  : Hello friends how are you all, welcome to all of you once again on our website aaokre.com. Friends, in today’s article, we will know about the very popular and popular game ludo king today. Which started being liked a lot more than the time of the past lock down.

Those people who do not know about ludo king at all, those people also remained with us till the end of the article. Because today we will share with you all the information related to ludo king. And will tell what is ludo king really and how is it played and which country’s online gaming app is it?

What Is Ludo King?

Ludo king online game  is such an online game, which is considered to be a very entertaining game not only among Indians but also among foreigners in today’s time. Yes friends, ludo king is played abroad also for the medium of entertainment. If you do not believe me, then go to the play store of your smartphone and download ludo king game and you also play ludo king online game with foreign people.
Ludo king game developed in India itself i.e. it was made in India itself. Ludo King online game  is an Indian free-to-play mobile game application developed by Indian studio Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. Gametion is owned by Vikash Jaiswal. It is developed on the Unity game engine and is available on Android, IOS, Kindle and Windows Phone platforms.

How Did This Become Such A Popular And Popular Game In A Few Days?

At the time when there was a situation of first lock down in the country, at that time everyone used to do other work like cooking, painting, decorating the house to keep themselves busy. At the same time, to keep the enthusiasm in life, started playing online games with friends, relatives and family to stay entertained. And now if it comes to online games, then Ludo king had made his place in the minds of the people first. Which we could play both online and offline.

At the time of lock down, Ludo king started playing online a lot. Because people could easily play it with their friends and family members sitting away through online medium and at the same time could talk to each other through chatting.

Ludo king has some different attractive emoji of its own which were very much liked by the people which you can use for your more entertainment during the game.

What’s more, with Ludo King you can enjoy playing online games with foreigners as well. For this you do not need to do much, just you have to connect them with this game.

Popular In The World

If we talk about today’s time, then let us tell you that even today Ludo king online  game is as dear to the people as before. Friends, Ludo King Game has now become the world’s popular game, it is such an online game that has not allowed its image to fade over time. But with the passage of time, the entertainment of the people was deepened. Even today children, old and young people like to play this game.

Better Ways To Win Ludo King

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Friends, who does not like to play Ludo king game, but the matter gets worse after coming there when you keep on losing in the game. Many people get very disappointed by this. But friends, there is nothing to worry because in today’s article we will tell you some such ways by which you too can remain the champion of the game. All you have to do is to read the below-mentioned methods carefully and follow them and play the game. Then you will see that no one will be able to beat you in this game, and you will continue to be the winner of this game. So here are some common and easy ways to win our Ludo King :-

First Of All, Understand The Game : –

Friends, losing again and again not only damages your enthusiasm, but due to continuous losing, the points you get in the game also keep on decreasing. In such a situation, it is important that you first know the game and its rules very well. Many people believe that it is very important to have good luck while playing the game. And we also accept this, but along with good luck, it is important that you have good knowledge about all the tricks to win the game, so that you can easily beat your rivals and win yourself.

Try To Take Out The Pieces : –

Friends, we are telling you again and again that it is important to understand the game before being a winner in the game. In such a situation, if you want that you win in the game, then first of all try to take out all your pieces as soon as possible, taking out the pieces is possible only when you bring 6. During this you just keep an eye on the moves of your other pieces and thus your chances of winning will increase.

Pay Attention To The Move :-

Friends, while playing Ludo, it is important that you keep a close eye on the moves of your opponents as well as yourself. And yes friends, let us tell you that to win while playing Ludo, your focus should not be on just one piece but on all the pieces. To win the game, it is important that you keep all your pieces active and at the same time pay close attention to the active pieces of your opponents.

At the same time, you keep increasing your pieces which are far away from other opponent’s pieces. Because sometimes your focus is only on one piece and you forget the rest of the pieces and your opponent keeps an eye on the rest of your pieces, and they cut that piece as soon as they get a chance.

Don’t Forget To Cut The Opponent’s Piece : –

Friends, while playing Ludo, your goal should not only to enter your piece into the house but also to cut the opponent’s piece. Keep an eye on your opponent’s every move and keep moving forward by cutting his piece as soon as you get a chance.

Do Not Take Risk : –

Friends, while playing Ludo, you should try not to take the risk and especially pay attention that you should avoid taking any risk while moving the pieces which are going to enter inside the house. Before starting the game, make a strategy that you will scatter your pieces everywhere on the board and then keep moving them intelligently. Then during this increase only those pieces which are less likely to be cut by the opponent.

Free Coins : –

While playing ludo, you keep getting some free coins from Ludo King from time to time. You collect those free coins. This will benefit you that you can play Ludo King for a long time with the help of those free coins.


Friends, before ending today’s article, let us tell you one very important and important thing that playing Ludo king online  game online is absolutely free. Yes friends, you can download ludo king free me by going to the play store of any of your android phone and also you can enjoy playing this game online with your friends sitting far away and that too absolutely free.

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