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Google suffered a setback


Google suffered a setback, this service became Illegal in Europe, there will be a fine of crores for using it

Google Analytics has been Illegal in Europe. Heavy fine can be imposed for using this service. This is bad news for Google as well as website owners.

गूगल has suffered a major setback in Europe. However, this news is not only bad for गूगल but also for website owners. In a hearing in a case, an Austrian court has held that Google Analytics is in violation of the European Data Protection Law. After this गूगल Analytics in Austria has been called Illegal.

What is the reason?

In fact, in the year 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union Policies (CJEU) ruled, according to which the sharing of personal data of users by US website providers to the authorities is against GDPR.


However, before the year 2020, there was a law called Privacy Shield, under which European data could be transferred to the US, but on 16 July 2020, the CJEU invalidated this law.

Since then, American websites have to work under the GDPR. Even after the CJEU decision in 2020, many service providers were sending personal data of users to the US, including Google Analytics.


User may be fined

The Austrian Data Protection Authority has declared the use of Google Analytics illegal, following the decision of the CJEU. In such a situation, websites will have to comply with these rules as soon as possible, otherwise they can be fined under the violation of law.

Websites operating in Europe will have to stop using Google Analytics and consider other options. They may have to pay heavy fines for ignoring the rules. According to reports, the Irish Data Protection Commission fined WhatsApp 225 million euros for not complying with the law.


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