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Garena Free Fire Game : Hello friends.. how are you all.. I hope you are all fine. So today once again I welcome you all to my website Friends, the game about which I am going to tell you all is a game especially liked by the youth of our country. Today I am going to give you some special information about your favorite Garena Free Fire game. So if you also want to know a lot of interesting information about this game then stay with us in our Garena Free Fire Game article from beginning to end.

Garena Free Fire Game

What Is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire game is a game played online. Garena Free Fire is a game full of entertainment. Which is very popular among the youth. This game is very much liked by the youth. This is an action-adventure battle royale game that you can easily play on any of your Android phones. In layman’s language this is a free fire game. This game is very entertaining. And if there is any game that is most popular in the present, it is Garena Free Fire game.

How To Play ?

Friends Garena Free Fire game is a bit difficult to play. It is very important to understand this game before playing this game. This is a game to be played calmly and with restraint. Play the game as much as possible only when you play it with consistency. The game consists of over fifty players who parachute onto an island in search of weapons and equipment to kill the other players. Whoever wins is given BOOYAH. Four maps are used in this game. The first one is named Bermuda which is the oldest map, the second one is Purgatory, the third one is Kalahari which was published recently. Apart from this, a new version of Bermuda has been brought which is called Bermuda Remastered Edition.

What Kind Of Game

Garena Free Fire game is a multiplayer game. Many people may not have understood the meaning of the word multiplayer because it is a very technical word. So let me tell you all in very simple words that Garena Free Fire game is a multiplayer game that means both audio and video have been used in this game. It is possible to play this game only with the help of audio and video. Both audio and video are used together in this game.

Who Is The Publisher ?

Is an action-adventure battle royale game available for mobile, developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena International Pvt Ltd. Generally speaking, it is a type of free fire game . Due to the publication by Garena, it was named Garena Free Fire. The name of the game is in the name of the publisher company itself.

Who Is The Owner ?

Friends, all of you will be very curious to know that what is the real name of the owner of such a great game. So let us tell you that Forrest Lee, the creator of Free Fire is the founder of Garena and it was his idea to make this game. As a result Forrest Lee owns the game. Forrest Lee currently serves as the President and CEO of his company, Garena.

This Extremely Entertaining Game Also Known By Many Other Names

Friends, many other names of Garena Free Fire game are also popular among common people. Many people also know this game as Free Fire Battleground or Free Fire. That is, it is quite clear that the other name of this game is Free Fire Battleground or Free Fire Game. You can easily search this game by any name of Garena Free Fire, Free Fire Battleground or Free Fire from your phone’s play store. And with this, by playing this game, you can enjoy a lot of free fire game.

What Is The Release Date  ?

Friends, there is huge confusion among the people regarding the release date of this game. Many people say that this game has been released on 20 November 2017 while on the other hand many people believe that it has been released on some other date. But no one has exactly the right information about its release. But we have solution for all your problem. We have the answer to all your questions.
The game was beta-released on November 20, 2017. But officially it was first released to the users on 4 December 2017. Therefore, the valid release date of  game is December 4, 2017. From December 4, 2017, this game can be played by everyone in any of their Android phones easily.

Million Users

Friends, this game has become so much popular from 2017 till now that there are Millins users of this game. Actually this game is very entertaining and interesting. If we talk about the present, then  currently has more than 500 million users of this game. And in these mills, there is more youth group among the consumers. We have also mentioned above that this game is more and more favorite of our youth. Young people like to play this game more.

Most Popular Game In Brazil

Friends, this game is very popular all over the world. In India too, this game is very much spoken. But that game is most popular in Brazil. The game has more than 450 million registered users and more than 50 million daily active users, as of May, 2018. Also, according to App Annie, Free Fire was the fourth most downloaded game in the world in 2018 combined with the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Free Fire was also the top game in Brazil in 2019, looking at monthly active users and the most attractive: users were projected to overtake Tinder, Netflix and others to earn $37 million dollars and much more in the future.

Game’s Platforms

Friends, you can easily play Garena Free Fire game in any of your Android phone. Apart from Android phones, you can also play this game easily in Microsoft Windows, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. And you can enjoy your day with this game.

Game App

Friends, if you have to play Garena Free Fire Game but are worried because you are not getting the link of this game anywhere, then be tension free because today I am giving you the direct link of the app of this game below in my article so that you can easily By simply clicking on this link, you can download the app of this game and play Garena Free Fire Game that too absolutely free.

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Friends, in this article of ours today, we have tried to give you all the minute details related to Garena Free Fire game. We have given detailed information about many topics related to this game like – what is Garena Free Fire, how to play Garena Free Fire game, who is the publisher, who is the owner , many other names. Also Known From This extremely entertaining game, What is the release date, Million users , Most popular game in Brazil, What kind of game, game’s platform  and along with this we have also given you the direct link of this game app in this article so that you can enjoy the entertainment of this game easily. Hope this information will prove useful to you.

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