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Fruit Cut  Online Game: Hello friends, how are you all? Hope you all are healthy and happy and with this welcome all of you once again on our website Friends, in today’s article we will tell you about a new game that you can easily play on your Android phone. Today we will talk about fruit cut game, which especially children like to play very much. So if you also want to know the fun things related to this game and also want to know how to play this game then stay tuned in our today’s article from beginning to end.

What Is Fruit Cut?

Friends, Fruit Cut is a classic fruit game in common language. In this, a knife is used to cut the fruit. The more you cut the fruit, the higher score you will get.
In other words Fruit Cutting Game is a new arcade game in which we have to cut the fruits. In this, the flowers have to be cut with a knife while going on the screen. Usually in this, small pieces of fruits have to be cut and scored. The more fruits you cut at once, the more score you will get.

Fruit Cut Game Download

Fruit Cut Has Two Game Modes

Friends Fruit Cut has two types of game modes. First classic and second arcade. Both these game modes are completely different from each other. In the first game mode, you are given one minute. In which you have to do that cut as many fruits as possible from you. The more fruits you harvest, the more points you will get. Thus you can get the highest score.

In the second game mode, you face more challenges than before. It is a huge series of very difficult challenges. In this also you have to cut the fruits, but there is a twist in the game that along with the flow, you are also given bombs. That is to say, while playing this game on the screen of your phone, along with the fruit, bombs will keep coming. But you have to avoid the bomb and cut only the fruits. Wherever you accidentally cut the bomb along with the fruit, you will be out and the counting of your score will end there.

Game Music Is Also Available In Fruit Cut Game.

Friends, like other games, the facility of game music is also available in fruit cut game. As soon as you click on fruit cut game app on your phone, the music of this game starts playing. And they keep on changing according to your moment. This music facility is available in most of the games. Due to the music playing in the background of the game, many times people’s attraction towards the game increases more. And it also makes the game more interesting.

Option To Remove Background Music

Friends, like every game, background music is also provided in this game, but if for any reason this background music is irritating you or just say that you cannot use this background music in traveling. because your the person sitting together should not have any problem with this, so you can also remove this background music. You can turn off this background music option by just one click on the screen and enjoy this game in peace.

Game With Different Fruits

This game is made using fruits like Banana, Apple, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Papaya, Strawberry, Watermelon etc. The combination of fruits makes this game very attractive. You have to cut these fruits with the help of a knife. In less time you can cut more and more fruits, higher will be your score.

3D Design Game With Fruits

Friends, watching a game looks very attractive because of its 3D design. Three designs have been used in this game, which makes people more attracted to it. Different types of fruits attract people to themselves. People enjoy this game by cutting the fruits of many waves.

Fruit Cut Game A Little Different From Other Games

The game play of Friends Fruit Cut is a little different from the game play of other games. Despite its game play being different, this game is quite fun. Especially children like to play this game very much. And in adults especially women like to play this game.

Bomb Avoidance Game

Friends, this game is very simple, but in reality this game is not as simple as it sounds. In this game, along with fresh fruits, bombs also keep coming in between. You have to hit the fruit with your knife in such a way that your target is not only on the bomb on the fruit, if you accidentally hit the bomb then your game is over. Also one more thing which is very important is that in the game the fruits or bombs do not stay in one place on the screen, they keep on coming in speed on the screen.

Game Of Focus

Friends, this game needs to be played very smartly. Take special care that while playing the game, your entire focus should be on cutting only the fruits in the game. If your attention wanders, then instead of fruits, bombs can also be cut, as a result of which your game can be the same over. As we have mentioned above that along with fruits, bombs keep coming in the game. So special attention will have to be paid to ensure that the bomb is not cut instead of fruits due to deviating from your attention. Woman the more fruit you get out by cutting, the more your school will be. Try to harvest as many fruits as you can before any of the bombs explode.

Golden Chance To Change The Knife

Friends, an interesting thing in this game is that you can change your knife with which you have to cut the fruit. But for that you have to try a little hard. As you cut the fruit in the game, the knife on the side of your screen will be filled with color, the prostitute will appear on the screen before starting the game. Depending on the state of cutting your fruit, the knife will start filling colors as you cross the cloven. As soon as that color is filled in the entire knife, you will have a golden opportunity to change the knife. With this, you can change your knife and make the game more interesting.

Available On Play Store

Friends, you can easily download fruit game on any of your Android phones for free. All you have to do is open the Play Store of your Android phone and from there you can easily download Fruit Cut game. Friends, this game is very fun and attractive, so quickly download this game and enjoy playing this game.


In have given all information to you regarding Fruit Cut Online Game. I have already discussed important point   about Fruit Cut Online Game . Like : what is fruit cut online game, fruit cut game has two game mod, game music is also available in fruit cut game , option to remove background music, game with different fruits, 3D design game with fruits, fruit cut game is little different from other games, bomb avoidance game, game of focus, golden chance to change a knife, available on play store. I hope this Article will help you guys little more.

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