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Chess Online & Offline Game  : Hello friends, welcome once again to our website So friends, the game about which we are going to tell you today is a very interesting and well-known game. A game that is also played in the Olympics. In which there is a need for a good mind along with a little trickery. In which the move goes in such a way that the opponent in front turns around. Your move is beyond his comprehension. Yes friends, you are thinking absolutely right, in today’s article we will talk about chess Online & Offline Game. And will tell you many things related to chess. So if you want to know everything from the king of chess to the camel. So just you have to read our article completely till the end.

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Basics Of Chess

Friends, everyone must know that chess is an intellectual or entertaining game. It is played between two players. Friends, a historical fact about chess is that the intelligent-headed Brahmin named Chaturanga gifted this game to the intellectuals of the world in the fifth-sixth century. Ultimately it becomes clear that this game is basically an invention of India.

Ancient Name Of Chess

This game had come to the world only in the middle of the fifth and sixth century. But in ancient times it was called ‘Chaturanga’ instead of chess. That is, the ancient name of chess was ‘Chaturanga’. Which went from India to Europe via Arabia and thus gradually over time this game became popular and famous all over the world.

Chess Set

Parts of a chess set (from left to right) include a white king, a black elephant, a black vizier or queen, a white pawn or soldier, a black horse and a white camel.

Where Was Chess First Played

Friends, we have made it clear in the above that chess is the invention of India. This game is invented in India. Chess was first played in the 6th century. And since then till the present this game has been played. At present, chess has become so popular that it is also played online. You can easily play this game in any of your android phone. The increasing engagement of the people, the increasing demand for chess, found this new option to play chess. So that even if for some reason you are busy, you can easily play freely in any of your Android phones.

Special Place In The Olympics

Friends, this game is so important for our India and the whole world that this game has got a place to make a separate identity in the Olympics. This game is played between two countries in the Olympics. Each winner is awarded a gold medal. This makes it clear that not only in India, it is a very important sport practiced all over the world. By the way, do not keep your distance from the important day. By downloading the chess game in any of your Android phones, you can learn to play it, that too in a very easy way. One of the important reasons for bringing chess to the online mode was that more and more people could learn to play this game

Play Chess Online

Friends, chess is an important game that it has got a place in the Olympics for a long time. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t know how to play chess. You can easily play chess from your Android smartphone sitting at home. All you have to do is download this game from the play store of your Android smart phone. Then you can easily play this game on your phone.

Using 3D Design

Guys this game has been designed anything. Due to its design, people are more attracted towards it. In fact, chess is a game that attracts the attention of people towards itself. In such a situation, this game online with 3D effect seems to twist and attract. Many people like to play online because of its 3D design.

Chess Online Game Adapted To The Digital World

Friends, at present we all have become very digital. Nowadays everything is going on only digital in the country and the world. Inspired by this, chess was also put on the online mode. Keeping in view the modernity, this game has been designed online. Everything in the online game is like chess played offline. But a little has been changed in it to attract more. This game has been designed keeping in mind the preferences of the people. Chess online game has been made more digital according to the modern world.

Play Chess While Traveling

Friends, who does not want to play chess in today’s time. Everyone wants that he becomes a genius in this game by playing chess. In such a situation, if you want to play chess while driving, now it is possible through online chess. No matter how long your journey is with chess, you will not even know how that journey has passed with chess. This is the biggest advantage of the online game mode of chess, that now anyone can play this game easily anywhere.

Attract Children Towards Chess

Friends, you can imagine how important this game will be when this game has got a place in the Olympics. It is believed that the mind of a person playing chess is faster than other people. Generally it is also a game with a lot of brains. If you also want your child to become smart and intelligent and full of mind, then attract him to this game from childhood. By playing this game since childhood, your children’s mind will be sharper and more developed with this game from the early days.

Easily Available On Phone’s Play Store

Friends, chess is such an interesting game that no one would like to play. In such a situation, keeping in mind your choice, this game has been made available for free download on the Play Store. This game can be downloaded for free from Play Store. And there is no other fee to be paid for playing it. You can easily download and play this game from any of your android phone’s play store. And can become expert in chess.


In have given all information to you regarding Chess Online & offline Game. I have already discussed important point   about Chess Online & offline Game. Like : basics of chess, ancient name of chess, chess set, where was chess first played, special place in the Olympic, play chess online, using 3D design, chess online game adapted to the digital world, play chess while travelling, attract children towards chess, easily available on phone’s play store . I hope this Article will help you guys little more.

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