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Carrom Board Online Game  : Hello friends, how are you all, welcome to our website Friends, the game about which we are going to tell you today is very interesting and played by all types of people i.e. children, old people, young people and everyone likes to play it very much. Yes friends, today in this article we are going to tell you about everyone’s favorite game carrom board. And at the same time you will also inform everyone that how this game can be played offline and online i.e. in your Android mobile. To know all these things, you just have to read our article till the end and then after that you will get all the information about playing carrom easily.

carrom board online game

What Kind Of Game Is Carrom?

Friends, you must know that carrom is a very world-famous game. There must be someone from your house who would love to play this game and he will be playing this game for a long time. Carrom is quite a chuck game played through pieces. From children to old people also enjoy spending time with this game. But friends, you should not guess at all from our fact that people like this game so much, then it will be a very old game. It is not like that, friends, this game is not a very old game.

Where Did It Start?

Friends, let us tell you that the beginning of this game is first told in Mumbai in the middle of 1929. In fact the truth is that this game is most famous and popular especially in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan. Notably, the International Carrom Federation (ICF) was formed in 1988 in Chennai. In the same year, the Carrom International rules were also approved. Carrom is also known by many other names such as windy in Fiji, windy and in Israel it is addressed as ji-ji.

How Did It Become So Famous

Friends, an interesting thing related to carrom is that carrom board game has got a place in Hindi cinema. Well-known actors have been shown playing carrom in many other films like ‘Striker’ and ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’, a very famous film in India i.e. Hindi cinema. In Munna Bhai MBBS, this game has been taken on a different track. In this film, this game is shown giving strength to an elderly man suffering from a terminal illness to get out of bed. The character of this elder has been very important in Munna Bhai MBBS.

Carrom Board Is Made Of Plywood

The plywood or hard board on which this game is made is called carrom board. Carrom is played on the carrom board. This board is made of square shape. Under it, small wooden frames are installed all around. The purpose of applying it is only that with its help the carrom board remains strong and does not break quickly. There are four holes around this board. Players playing carrom put a piece between these four holes. There is a big circle in the center of the carrom board, whose roundness is 15 cm. All the pieces are placed in the middle of the carrom, then the player shoots another piece with more goal than the rest. And tries to remove the ball hit by him from the circle made all around and thus the piece becomes his.

Note: – To play this game, there should be at least 2 persons and maximum 4.

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Played In Carrom King Mobile App

Friends carrom board is a very famous game. In view of its increasing demand, its app was made. The name of this app is Carrom King. With the help of this app, you can easily play your favorite game Carrom Board anywhere in your phone. This is a game played online. You can easily download it on any of your Android phone, iPhone, Computer, Laptop. The grading of this game is also 4.5. So quickly go to your phone’s play store and search Carrom King and download this game and play it with your friends, friends family because this game is full of entertainment.

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