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Candy Crush Saga Game : Friends, you all must know about the new smartphone game Candy Crush, which you can download very easily by going to the Play Store. And till now the number of people who download this game will be in billions. People get a lot of entertainment by playing this game. The most downloaded Candy Crush application in 2013 can be downloaded on any smartphone running Android 2.2 and above operating system. Candy Crush game is also called Candy Crush Saga. This is a delicious puzzle game in which you will find no shortage of entertainment. It has a social touch) where we get at least 200 levels or more, in which we have to make sequences and make them disappear by connecting candies of different colors that we find in our sweet adventure.

cundy crush saga

Favorite Online Game

Candy Crush Saga is the perfect combination of puzzle and matching game. It is easily available on all Android operated devices. Due to the very intuitive user interface, this game has become the most talked about online game in a very short time, and this game has become a source of entertainment for everyone. Candy Crush Saga is very simple to play. Simply line up similar looking candies and the game starts with the first point.

Interesting Features

Candy Crush Saga offers a variety of game modes. In them, the main campaign stands out, offering over a hundred different levels. We have to meet a series of objectives to get ahead in this, yet Jelly, Ingredients, or Candy Order also provide a good dose of fun.

It Has Two Parts

There are two main strong points to the Candy Crush game – the visual aspect : bright and colorful ; And it’s also played through social connections, which allow you to see the status of your game while competing against your friends on Facebook. So by all means it would be fair to say that Candy Crush is one of the most entertaining game that we can play alone or with online friends on any of our android devices by simply going to play store and playing.

More Attractive Than 3D Design

Friends Candy Crush Saga game is a game designed in 3D form. This game again because of its 3D design
Looks and feels more attractive to play. If you do not like the design of any game, then it is obvious that you will not even feel like playing it. That’s why the design of most of the games is 3D designed. Due to which people’s mind wants to play it because of the designing of the game. And one of those 3D design games is the Candy Crush Saga game.

Game’s Own Game Music

The background sound of the game is also present in Candy Crush Saga game. As soon as you open the game by clicking on the game’s app, the background music starts playing. And this music continues till the end of the game. The music of the game also changes according to your action. As the action with which you move your game towards victory, the music of the game keeps changing according to your game moment. But if for any reason you do not feel the need for this music and you do not want this music sound to keep playing in the game, then you can easily turn off the game’s music and again this music will play only when you play the game sound. Will turn on

Available On Play Store

Friends, let me also tell you that this game is absolutely free, that is, Candy Crush can be downloaded for free from Google Play. More than 400 gaming levels have been given in the new version of Candy Crush Saga. This new Candy Crush Saga is being liked a lot by the users and people are feeling very entertaining by playing it. As a result, it has been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store. And if you are playing this game puzzle bar then fear not because it is very simple game all you have to do is to bring together similar looking candy and thus you will be able to win the game in the very first time. This game is very simple and fun.

If life is getting boring, and you want to enjoy a lot of entertainment in life, then immediately go to the link given below and click and download Candy Crush game which has a store of entertainment.


You will not only get a lot of entertainment in playing Candy Crush game, but at the same time it also has a lot of disadvantages, playing candy crush game in smartphone can prove to be harmful for you. If you love to play the smartphone game Candy crush, then calm down a bit, Because playing candy crush can cause serious injury to your fingers and thumb. And at the same time, there is a possibility of having a bad effect on your eyes due to continuous use of the smartphone.

Note: Addiction to anything more than necessary is harmful.

Don’t Let The Candy Crush Game Overtake You

It is said that there should be no excess of anything. Giving special instructions to the fans of Candy Crush, the expert said that if you have got addicted to playing Candy Crush, then you should keep checking your thumb and fingers continuously. Reports have revealed that video game addiction can mentally turn off the pain in your thumb. Therefore, keep in mind that if you play Candy Crush game for the medium of entertainment, but not excessively.

Perfect Choice

So friends, don’t make life boring anymore and play Candy Crush game and get a store of entertainment. If you have not downloaded the Candy Crush game yet, then quickly go to the Play Store of your smartphone and download the Candy Crush game from there that too absolutely free. And play this very interesting game. But remember, if you play excessively, you may also have to face physical and mental damages. But this game is very safe and enjoyable when played to a limit.


In have given all information to you regarding Candy Crush Saga Game. I have already discussed important point     about Candy Crush Saga Game . Like : favorite online Game , important features, it has two part, harmful, etc. I hope this Article will help you guys little more.


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