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Bubble Shooter  Online Game  : Hello friends, how are you all, once again welcome all of you to our website aaokre.com. Friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you about the bubble shooter game played online. In this article you will be given all the information related to bubble shooter game. For that, you just have to read our article from beginning to end.

What Is Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is an online game to be played on any of your Android smart phones. It can generally be said that bubble shooter is a puzzle-based game, in which the procedure is such that it is exactly the same as the puzzle bubble, in which its goal is to shoot. You have to aim from the bottom of the screen of your phone with balls of different colors. You have to break the chain by aiming the balls of the same color with the color ball you will be given to aim down.


Fulfill Your Passion For Shooting With Bubble Shooter

Friends, many people are crazy about shooting. Bubble Shooter is the perfect option for such people. He can easily fulfill his shooting hobby with the help of this game. So if you also have a passion for shooting, then download this game quickly and fulfill your hobby that too from your Android smartphone sitting at home.

More About Bubble Shooter

Friends, it is very easy to play this game. But there is wisdom in playing with understanding. All you have to do in this game is to burst the bubbles of the same color with the colored bubbles given at the bottom of the screen. But also note that bubbles of any other color will not burst with bubbles of any other color. If you hit a bubble of another color with a bubble of another color, that bubble will not burst, but on the contrary, it will also stick to it. And in this way your game will become more difficult due to your mistake.

Children Are Attracted To The Bubbles In The Game

Friends, due to the 3D design of this game, children are more attracted towards a game. Beautiful graphic 3D design has been used in the game. Using this makes the game more attractive. Small bubbles attract the attention of children. Children are more attracted to bubbles. This and this is a special reason why children like this game. This game attracts children so much that even if they do not have complete knowledge about the rules of this game, they enjoy playing this game. The collision of bubbles with bubbles of the same color and bursting attracts children more. Young children become more happy after watching the movie.

Four Stages Of The Game

Friends, the increasing demand for this game and the increasing attraction of people towards this game only makes this game more interesting. To make the game according to the elders, it is divided into 4 spaces. Easy Ride, Novice, Expert and Master. Everything is more difficult than the first. In every state you need to play the game with your mind and patience. This game is as easy to play as it sounds.

Increased Demand For Bubble Shooter

Friends, this game was made in 2001 keeping in mind their choice for small children. But this game is so interesting and fun to play that it captivated even the elders. And recently something happened that more than children, adults started playing this game.
In view of the increasing demand of people towards this game, two modes were created in this game. In the first mode you are given the shot limit, then in the second the same time.
Bubble Shooter consists of some 300 different levels, with balls arranged in different patterns that get progressively more difficult to conquer.

Victory Is Possible Only With Patience

Friends, bursting the bubbles in this game is not as easy as it sounds. Good patience is needed in this game. So that understanding your condition can burst the bubble. Because if a single bubble comes to the bottom of the screen, then it is understood that your game is over. Your aim should be to break all the lines of the bus. The less time you win the game by bursting more and more bubbles, the better your score will appear in the game. And you will be able to play the next level from it.

Which Country’s Game Is It After All?

Friends, a myth about this day is that many people think that this game is an invention of China. But the truth is that this game is not from China. Actually bubble shooter Absolutist LTD is developed and launched by Ilion Dynamics company. And an Israeli company. Absolutist LTD , Ilion Dynamics has launched it on Play Store. Its trend has become so much from the Play Store itself that now there is no shortage of people who like this game all over the world. When the Israel company launched it, this game was made keeping in mind the children, but the increasing demand for the game forced this company to make other twists and this game was also liked by the elders.

Game Platforms

You can play this game on Android, IOS, Mac OS, Windows etc. Usually most of the people entertain themselves by playing this game in any of their android phone. To play this game it is not necessary that you should have a very expensive phone. You can easily play the game in any of your cheap Android phones too. And you can make your boring time fun with this game.

Free Play Bubble Shooter

Friends Bubble Shooter is a fascinating game made of different colored bubbles. Which attracts from children to elders towards itself. And friends, the special thing is that you can easily download such a fun game from any of your Android smartphones, from Play Store. So don’t delay, quickly download this fun game and enjoy playing it.


In have given all information to you regarding bubble shooter online game. I have already discussed important point  about bubble shooter online game. Like : what is bubble shooter, fulfil your passion for shooting with bubble shooter, more about bubble shooter, children are attracted to the bubbles in the game, four stages of the game, increase demand for bubble shooter, victory is possible only with patience, which country’s game is it after all, game platform, free play bubble shooter. I hope this Article will help you guys little more.

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