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block puzzle game

Block Puzzle Jewel Game : Hello friends, I welcome all of you to my website aaokre.com. Friends, today I am going to inform you all about block puzzle jewel game. This is a very simple game. You can also play it by being a cool. We will give you other information related to this game further in the article. So if you also want to know other information related to Block Puzzle Jewel game then read this article of ours from beginning to end.

What Is Block Puzzle Jewel?

Block Puzzle Jewel is an online block game played on Android phones. This is a challenging game. Despite this, you can play this game very easily. This is a very fun game that adults as well as children like to play. Basically this game is a puzzle solving game. The more puzzles you solve in the game, the higher your score will reach.

Block Puzzle Jewel Game

How To Play Block Puzzle Jewel Game?

The gameplay of Block Puzzle Jewel is completely based on Tetris. So if you have played it before, then it will be very easy for you to play this game. But even if you are a completely new player in this game, you can easily get acquainted with the rules of this game. The game consists of pieces of different colors, which you have to solve the puzzle by placing them around each other according to their color. You can play this game by taking time as per your wish.
In the game, you have no restriction on taking any kind of time to make your move. The more lines you complete in this game, the easier it will be for you to make your high score. Your goal in the game should be just to connect as many pieces as you can before the game is over.

Not Paying You Any Fee To Play Block Puzzle Jewel Game.

Friends, many people have doubts in their mind that they will have to pay any fee to play Block Puzzle Jewel game. So we remove all the doubts from the mind of all of you. Because you do not have to pay any fee to play this game. Because this game has been made available absolutely free of cost to the users. You can play this game very easily for free by being sure.

Game Platforms.

Friends, if we talk about the platforms of Block Puzzle Jewel game, then tell that you can play this game very easily in any of your Android phone. You will get the app of this game very easily from the play store of your android phone. You don’t need to do any hard work to play this game. Easily easily play this game by downloading it from play store.

Who Is The Originator Of Block Puzzle Jewel?

Friends, if you also want to know who is the originator of this game. So let us tell you that the originator of this fun game is hua weiwei. Users are very happy with the publication of this game because the gameplay of this game is very attractive. Along with the store of entertainment in the game, you will also get to learn a lot. This is the reason why children and all age groups like to play this game.

Available In English As Well As In Hindi Language.

By the way, it is available in English language for Block Puzzle Jewel game users. But many such users also like to play this game very much, who have little hold in the English language, or keeping in mind the users who do not know English, this game has been made available in English as well as Hindi language. In the game, you can use English and Hindi language as per your wish.

What Is The Release Date Of Block Puzzle Jewel Game?

Friends, if we talk about the release date of this game, then tell us that this great game was released for the users on 29 July 2021. There is also a truth related to this game that this game was first made available to the users on 29 Jan 2016. Since then the game has changed a lot. And the latest version of this game was made available to the users on the play store on 29 July 2021 in the name of Block Puzzle Jewel game.

How Many Users Does Block Puzzle Jewel Game Have?

Friends, by the way, this game is very new. And just a few months ago it has been made available for the users. With all these things, you must be feeling that there will not be many users of this game. But you are thinking completely wrong because even in a very short time this game has made its place among the people. A few months after the release of this game, this game has more than 100M users. This game is being liked more by the people. As a result, this game has become an active user in Millions so quickly.

Game App.

Friends, if you want to play this great game but you are not getting the app of this game easily on play store. So do not worry because here we are going to provide you the direct link of the app of this game, where with just one click you can get the app of this game very easily.
                                                 Click here :- Block Puzzle Jewel Game App


So friends, today we have shared important things about Block Puzzle Jewel game with you in this article. We have tried to tell you every single thing related to this game in simple words. Hope this article will prove useful for you. If you want an answer to any question related to this game, then you can ask your question directly to us by commenting at the end of the article. We will try our best that we can answer your question as soon as possible.

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